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Pensio, World, and ERVIS envision transforming the rental landscape through innovative services and rent guarantee products tailored for property owners and pre-construction new-build developers. Our goal is to provide a seamless, secure, and timely reimbursement payment experience, with a steadfast commitment to make sure the rent is paid.


Our mission is to revolutionize the rental industry through a transparent, timely rent payment reimbursement platform. We aim to foster strong results, significantly reduce rental property loss, and provide concrete, determinable rental income.


Welcome to Pensio Global, World Insurance, and ERVIS Rent – your gateway to accessing our services and core rent guarantee products.


AssuredIncome provides a comprehensive total property management partnership, ensuring guaranteed occupancy, rental income, and a cap on property management property expenses. Alternatively, AssuredIncome's limited tenant management partnership option guarantees occupancy, and rental income, and covers tenant turnover expenses, with your own property management team handling the remaining responsibilities. This specialized risk management service delivers quantifiable net operating results, whatever option you choose, offering a reliable top or bottom-line rental income return.

1.  A Top or Bottom Line Rental Product Designed for Pre-Construction New Builds

The initial term of the AssuredIncome pre-construction new build partnership is flexible, ranging from 5 to 10 years, contingent on a comprehensive review of your development plans and agreement terms and conditions. The cost of this product is determined by various factors and will be negotiated through our underwriting process.

2.  Flexible Terms

AssuredIncome's structured occupancy guarantee that aligns with your building type, amenities, and floor plan configurations, and conduct a street corner analysis to ensure the accuracy of the assessment. This planning for occupancy models is especially relevant when designing your pre-construction building, considering factors such as single-family homes, multi-family types, and condominium configurations tailored for investor rentals. It addresses the unique challenges of vacancy models specific to the area where the building is located, enhancing the effectiveness of your income planning.

3.  Occupancy Guarantee

AssuredIncome's structured rental protection based on the best probable rent rate that can be charged for your building type, amenities, and floor plan configurations, and conducted a street analysis to ensure the accuracy of the assessment. This is crucial to determine the appropriate rental rates for tenants, factoring in the historical growth in rental rates for the location of your development. AssuredIncome's rent rates generally focus on an initial achievable rent and a rental rate that typically grows at 2% per year on a rental protection basis. This rate may be conservative compared to the rental growth rate your location is experiencing or national rates.

4.  Rental Protection

Whether you opt into AssuredIncome's property management team or use your own,  AssuredIncome must have direct control over the turnover costs and eviction processes and costs. AssuredIncome refers to this as limited tenant management, if you elect to have your property management team handling your property management responsibilities. It is crucial to always consider tenant management issues related to turnover processes, eviction processes, and other tenant-related matters that may impact vacancy rates.  AssuredIncome rent guarantee amount and occupancy guarantee are predicated on the commitment that, regardless of vacant units or non-performing tenants, the bottom line protected by us remains the same.

5.  Tenant Management Expenses

AssuredIncome offers two distinct partnership options tailored to your needs. AssuredIncome's comprehensive total property management ensures guaranteed occupancy and rental income, and a cap on property management expenses. On the other hand, the limited tenant management option guarantees occupancy, and rental income, and protects tenant turnover expenses, with your property management team handling the remaining responsibilities. The choice between these options is a crucial factor as AssuredIncome begins to structure and analyze the AssuredIncome services and guarantees, providing you with a reliable top or bottom-line rental income return.

6.  Management Options

AssuredIncome pays all damages caused by a tenant, eliminating the need for you to budget for capital expenses related to tenant damage. However, please keep in mind that you still need to factor in your normal wear and tear expenses and your building maintenance expenses.

7.  Tenant Damage

To be considered qualified tenants, applicants must meet specific criteria, including income verification and a clean rental history with no rent loss or damage claims in the last 3 years. Notably, there is no minimum credit score requirement, offering flexibility to applicants. However, adherence to approval standards expected in any rental application is essential before approving a new tenant, making income verification a key factor in the process.

8.  Tenant Qualifications

In the AssuredIncome services and guarantee agreement, AssuredIncome's commitment stands out as unparalleled in the industry. AssuredIncome goes beyond promises and actively ensures the fulfillment of AssuredIncome's obligation, providing not just rent guarantees but a reliable top or bottom-line rental income. This commitment is designed to offer reassurance to all stakeholders involved in a pre-construction new build development, solidifying the foundation for a stable and predictable rental income.

9.  Our Commitment