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"I'm thrilled to introduce our dedicated risk management team and our partnership with World Insurance Associates. Together, we are reshaping the rental property industry with our dynamic, tailored management services and guarantee products that surpass anything the market has to offer. Our commitment is clear; we pay the rent when it's needed, allowing you to meet your financial obligations.

With over 20 years of experience in risk management for the rental industry, our partners bring a wealth of expertise. We're launching an exciting suite of safeguards to help you achieve your rent goals. Our focus is on security, stability, and simplicity, aiming for net-zero rent loss. Working with us means  we will commit to making your rental experience easier!"

— Brandon Keks, CEO

Pensio Global

Reliable partners providing you with renting assurance you can trust!

Pensio Building Strong Partnerships

1.  Products

AssuredRent's total lease co-guarantee safeguards against unpaid rent, and malicious tenant damage court orders, and covers eviction and legal costs. AssuredTenants' limited lease co-guarantee offers deposit protection for property owners, covering unpaid rent deposits and malicious tenant damage court orders. AssuredIncome provides pre-construction new-build stakeholders with guarantees for rent, occupancy, and turnover costs.

2.  Experience

Pensio, in operation since 2004, specializes in tailoring and underwriting risk transfers for the rental property industry. Additionally, we offer risk management services and underwriting for various sectors within the residential industry.

3.  Assured

Pensio's products are not insurance. We directly self-procured a performance bond with defined terms to ensure our product obligations are met. Our eligibility for coverage is underwritten by World Insurance LLC, a licensed insurance producer, with set limits and terms, with World acting as a general agent for A.M. Best A- (excellent) or better-rated insurers. 

4.  Solutions

Step into a world of unique risk management solutions with Pensio. Every transaction has its challenges—share your scenario, and the Pensio Global Team will craft personalized solutions, unveiling the perfect mix of product services and guarantees that work for you.


& Social Impact Commitment

Join us to provide homes for those in need. Partner as we create opportunities and empower families to make a real impact. Together, let's build a brighter future, ensuring everyone has a place to call home. Connect with Fueling Hope to be part of the solution. Together, we can make a difference.

Fueling Hope With Good Living Solutions

Similing Team

Pensio Products*

In Canada, Pensio product services and guarantees can be accessed by contacting Pensio directly. Certain restrictions or availability may apply given the location where you reside.

Product services and guarantees can be accessed by ERVIS connecting you to World Insurance Associates, LLC, a licensed insurance producer in all 50 states. Certain restrictions or availability may apply given the state, or location you reside.

We're Here For You*

Pensio is the exclusive product manager for AssuredRent, AssuredTenant and AssuredTenant in Canada and the U.S.

Pensio Global

World Insurance Associates LLC has over 330,00 clients, 2,800 agents and underwrites over $2.5 Billion annually in insurance premium.

World Insurance 

Ervis is the exclusive products marketing affiliate  for World Insurance  for Pensio Product Managers in the U.S.


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The Right Partners When Renting

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