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5-Year Services and Rental Income Guarantee for New Build Residential Properties

AssuredIncome Landlord Services Product

AssuredIncome Landlord Services offers a meticulously designed product for developers with pre-construction for new multi-family and residential or short-term stay developments. Our comprehensive approach assists owners, investors, buyers, and lenders to safeguard stakeholder interests by mitigating potential risks.


Single-Family Homes


Multi-Family Residential


Condominium Rentals

Pensio’s specialized services and rent guarantees are designed to tackle various challenges faced by property managers and tenant managers, such as minimizing rental income loss, decreasing malicious tenant damage losses and costs, avoiding eviction-related losses and costs, and efficiently handling collection losses and associated expenses. With AssuredIncome Landlord Services, you can rest assured that property investments and financial interests are well-protected.


Pensio offers the versatile AssuredIncome product, with flexible term options ranging from 5 to 10 years. This unique offering caters to owners who want the option to provide their own property management while using Pensio’s tenant management services and rent guarantees, providing valuable services to optimize their operations.


Specifically designed for residential property developments, including multi-family, single-family and condominium properties marketed as residential rental investments*, (*the AssuredIncome product comes with a turn-key 5-year or 10-year Property Management Option, ensuring hassle-free management with guaranteed rent for each unit which can be incorporated into a condo sales program, repositioning units to be sold to investors instead of just end-users).

ASSUREDINCOME Landlord Services

The benefits of AssuredIncome are extensive:


It guarantees up to 60 or 120 months of rent, including up to $60,000 annually for each unit.


Eliminates all costs associated with malicious tenants, eviction legal fees, and collection losses.


Ensures consistent occupancy rates, minimizing any periods of vacancy.


Guarantees stable rental rates, providing peace of mind to property owners and investors.

The Four-Step Process:

(Four-week Timeline)  

1. Developer Submission: Upon receiving the Pensio Project In-take Form from the developer, we commence the evaluation process. We request the developer provide a complete data room containing all pertinent project details to ensure a comprehensive assessment. This data room serves as a centralized repository of essential information related to the residential development. The project details included in the data room typically encompass various aspects, such as:

  • Property Information: Detailed specifications and characteristics of the property, including its location, size, layout, and any unique features, such as building amenities, community amenities, or unique location characteristics (on a subway line or bus line etc.). 

  • Financial Data: Comprehensive financial statements, operating expenses, projected revenues, or proformas and other relevant financial metrics.

  • Market Analysis: An analysis of the local real estate market, demand for residential rentals, and comparative rental rates in the area, if available.

  • Legal Documentation: Any legal documents related to the property, such as leases, contracts, permits, and compliance information.

  • Development Plans: Architectural plans, construction timelines, and upcoming improvements or renovations (if any)

  • Tenant Information (if any under future contract): Details of existing and potential tenants (if any), their rental histories, and screening processes.

  • Property Management History: If applicable, the developer's property's past management records and performance.


Access to this thorough data room enables our underwriting team to conduct a detailed analysis, providing accurate insights into the project's potential. Pensio understands the significance of data-driven decision-making, and the data room is crucial in ensuring a well-informed evaluation process. Through this collaborative approach, we strive to optimize outcomes and establish a successful partnership with the developer, maximizing returns for all stakeholders.

2. Letter of Intent:

Partnership & Collaboration Starts Here

As a commitment to our potential collaboration, Pensio will issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) once we thoroughly review the intake submission. This LOI will formally express our dedication to proceeding with a detailed underwriting analysis for your project based on our product services and rent guarantees.


The LOI demonstrates our enthusiasm to further work with you and explore the potential partnership. Throughout the underwriting process, we will maintain transparency and open communication, addressing any inquiries or concerns that may arise.


3. Proforma Services and Rent Guarantee Budget:

The Pensio underwriting team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive underwriting analysis tailored to a developer's specific requirements.


Based on the developer's preferences and needs, we will create a detailed proforma budget encompassing full property or tenant management services, whichever suits your project best.


Our data scientists and product team will meticulously evaluate all aspects of the development, considering factors like market dynamics, rental trends, property specifics, and other relevant data. This thorough analysis will form the foundation for our proforma budget, presenting a clear financial projection for the developer's project and outlining our services and rent guarantee.


Whether developers opt for full property management services or tenant management services, we will ensure that the budget model accurately reflects the potential costs, income streams, and returns associated with each option. We aim to provide developers with a reliable and well-informed financial outlook, enabling them to make sound decisions for their residential development projects.


Pensio is committed to delivering professional underwriting services that empower developers to make confident choices, unlocking the full potential of your investment.

4. The Agreements:

Once our thorough underwriting process is complete, Pensio will carefully review the findings with the developer owner and all other relevant stakeholders, including developer lenders and investors.

This step ensures everyone understands the financial projections, benefits, and risks associated with our services and rent guarantees. Upon agreement and approval from all stakeholders, Pensio will provide detailed agreements that outline the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of all parties involved. These agreements will be crafted with clarity and precision to ensure everyone's interests are protected and that all parties align with the proposed terms.


We aim to facilitate a smooth and transparent process, fostering trust and confidence among all stakeholders. By presenting well-structured agreements, we aim to create a strong foundation for a successful partnership that will yield positive results for the residential development.


Throughout the agreement review process, Pensio remains committed to addressing any concerns or inquiries from stakeholders, facilitating open communication, and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. Ultimately, our objective is to solidify a mutually beneficial partnership that ensures the project's success and delivers value to all involved parties.

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