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A structured risk management approach to safeguard owners, investors, and lenders by guaranteeing occupancy, rental income, and turnover costs for pre-construction new-build rental properties.

AssuredIncome is a meticulously designed tenant management solution for pre-construction new-build developers focusing on purpose-built single-family rental homes, multi-family dwellings, and investment rental condos. AssuredIncome comprehensive offering includes tenant management services, guaranteed occupancy and rental income, and streamlining day-to-day operations for developers. Versatile for both long-term and short-term rentals, it can also cater to those developers with their preferred property management teams.  AssuredIncome aims to provide a hassle-free experience, assisting developers in navigating real estate complexities and achieving net-zero rent loss results.

Single Family - Multi-Family - Condominium

AssuredIncome's comprehensive tenant management services, rent, and turnover guarantees protect pre-construction new-build property developers' bottom line from day one of occupancy.



Tenant Eviction Protection


Tenant Damage Protection


Tenant Management Services

Rent Payment Protection

  • AssuredIncome provides a comprehensive total property management partnership, ensuring guaranteed occupancy, rental income, and a cap on property management property expenses. Alternatively, AssuredIncome's limited tenant management partnership option guarantees occupancy, and rental income, and covers tenant turnover expenses, with your own property management team handling the remaining responsibilities. This specialized risk management service delivers quantifiable net operating results, whatever option you choose, offering a reliable top or bottom-line rental income return.

AssuredIncome  For Pre-Construction New Build Properties FAQ

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To better serve you, we are developing the AssuredIncome new build property management platform app, providing seamless access for you to plan your development.

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