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Pensio Residential & Commercial Property

Rent Guarantees

So you can rent with Confidence!

Who is Pensio Global?

Pensio Global is a credit risk consulting and management group of specialization companies that were initially founded in 2004, offer risk and property management services with quantifiable income guarantees which are secured by investment grade-rated surety and commercial guarantee markets.
Pensio Global provides financial risk management, risk modelling, risk analytics, consulting, property and project management services for clients in 7 countries. 
Pensio has developed unique proprietary risk management programs for the residential and commercial property markets supporting landlords, tenants, developers, lenders, and property managers.
Pensio property and project management programs that offer guaranteed income solutions are not insurance and is not triggered by any specific insurance peril.

Rental Income Guarantees for Rental Property Owners


You can never eliminate all tenant risks, but now you can remove most of the financial risk when renting. Pensio's affordable and groundbreaking Lease Co-Guarantee is backed by an insured Rental Income Performance Bond, meaning rent will be paid each month, malicious tenant damage is paid and eviction costs are covered. 


Lease Co-Guarantees are ideal for:

  • Single-Family residential rental properties

  • Multi-Family residential rental properties

  • Student rental properties

  • Commercial properties

  • From 1 to unlimited units 

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What We Pay

Loss of Rent

We will pay rent on behalf of the tenant who has defaulted on their rent for up to 12 months and $60,000 per unit each year

Malicious Damage

We will pay for Malicious Damage Court Orders on behalf of a tenant who has defaulted on their payment up to $10,000 per unit each year

Eviction Costs

We will reimburse legal fees, court fees, and service fees for evictions up to $1,500 per unit each year if a tenant has been served an eviction notice

Rental Income Guarantees for Property Developers and Lenders

Designed to support lenders and their developer clients against absorption risk by eliminating variation or uncertainty in future income through a straight-line guaranteed return, backed by a Rental Income Performance Bond. 


Ideal for the following project types:

  • Pre-construction and completed residential, multi-family and condo properties

  • Acquisitions of multi-family, condo, hotel, student rentals or senior living projects

  • From 5 to 200+ Units


Mitigating and Repositioning Assets?


Lender concerns are mitigated through rental income guarantee:

  • Project Absorption (debt service and loan interest costs, ongoing op-ex during lease-up)

  • Rental market stability

  • Project lease-up and stabilization risk

  • Recourse for the lender (the lender is a named obligee)

  • Debt service coverage ratio


Repositioning all or an allocation of unit sales to investor purchasers instead of end-users:

  • Adjusting prices on a cap rate basis can increase unit prices and overall returns

  • Increased sales velocity

  • The certainty that if any units remain unsold, they can earn a certain income through the rental income guarantee program, post-occupancy


Rent is Paid for Tenants Who Lose Their Job

Unfortunately, it's never certain that a tenant with great credit history won't lose their job. Pensio Tenants offers Lease Co-guarantees to both tenants and landlords to remove the risk of a tenant losing their job and being unable to pay rent.

Pensio Tenants Pay Your Rent Program can cost as little as $1 a day and will pay the rent directly to the landlord for up to 3 months if the tenant:

  • is a new or existing tenant

  • involuntarily lost their employment

  • has been approved for employment insurance

  • has worked a minimum of 24 weeks


Rent Guarantees

for Landlords who want to

rent with hassle-free certainty


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