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Pioneering residential rental property solutions, offering property owners comprehensive risk management services and guarantees.

Guaranteed Rent Products

AssuredRent  AssuredTenants  AssuredIncome

Pensio Product Managers

AssuredIncome tenant management services provides property owners, investors, and lenders with rent, occupancy and damage guarantees for new build rental properties.

AssuredIncome For Developers


Each year, every minute, 15 new tenants choose U.S. rental properties as their new home.

Are you aware of the number of tenants moving every day?

Each year, U.S. landlords and tenants will execute over 7.6 million leases.  

Do you have Pensio to safeguard your rental income?


See why property owners are switching to Pensio!


Tenant Eviction Reimbursements


Tenant Damage Reimbursements


Total Lease Co-Guarantee

Rent Reimbursements


Rental Deposit Protection


Tenant Damage Reimbursements


Limited Lease Co-Guarantee

Rent Reimbursements

5 -Years

Tenant Eviction Protection


Tenant Damage Protection


Tenant Management Services

Rent Payment Protection

AssuredRent's groundbreaking total lease co-guarantee that protects the rent of a property owner, and also from malicious tenant damage and eviction and legal costs.

AssuredRent For Landlords

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Pensio Products*

In Canada, Pensio product services and guarantees can be accessed by contacting Pensio directly. Certain restrictions or availability may apply given the location where you reside.

Product services and guarantees can be accessed by ERVIS connecting you to World Insurance Associates, LLC, a licensed insurance producer in all 50 states. Certain restrictions or availability may apply given the state, or location you reside.

Pensio is the exclusive product manager for AssuredRent, AssuredTenant and AssuredIncome in Canada and the U.S.

Pensio Global

World Insurance Associates LLC has over 330,00 clients, 2,800 agents and underwrites over $2.5 Billion annually in insurance premium.

World Insurance 

Ervis is the exclusive products marketing affiliate  for World Insurance  for Pensio Product Managers in the U.S.


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The Right Choice When Renting

AssuredTenant simple limited lease co-guarantee affordable security deposit waiver for tenants that safeguards property owners rent and unpaid malicous tenant damage.

AssuredTenants For Landlords

A Rental Deposit Alternative

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