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Renting with



Are Available For
1 Unit to Unlimited Rental Units

Better for Owners, Property Managers, Investors and Lenders

Pensio's structured Lease Co-Guarantee Agreement significantly eliminates rent arrears, malicious tenant damage loss and eviction fee expenses

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Say Good-Bye To

  • missed rental payments

  • missed debt payments

  • unpaid malicious damage loss

  • expensive eviction costs

  • collections costs

  • chasing tenants

Landlord Lease Co-Guarantee

No waiting for eviction or possession orders before rent is paid. Notify Pensio when a tenant is in arrears, and we will make the first rent arrears reimbursement within 25-days. If the tenant continues to be in arrears, notify us and file an eviction claim in court. We will then continue to pay rent for up to another 11-months or until the Tenant is evicted or has abandoned your property. We then pay you 1-months vacant rent to give you the time needed to market your property without a loss of rent.

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Lease Co-Guarantee
Reimbursement for Tenant
Job Loss

Tenant Lease Co-Guarantees with rent reimbursements to help Tenants who have lost their job. In the event of Tenant job loss we pay a Tenant’s rent directly to the Landlord for up to 3 months so Tenants can get back on their feet. Tenants must have involuntarily lost their job and be approved for state unemployment insurance benefits.  Tenants who have received rent reimbursement for this program do not have to pay back Pensio.

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Pre-Construction New Build Rent Guarantee Program
Property Management or Tenant Management with 5-year Rent Guaranteed Amounts

Structured for pre-construction new build residential developments to secure lenders, investors and developers to significantly eliminate construction debt to permanent debt absorption and income projection risk

Construction Site Managers

Pensio Core Program Integration into Your Ecosystem

Pensio Core rent assurance reimbursement core programs can integrate with property managers and platforms offering rental market services

Contact us to find out how to integrate Pensio core programs into your management and services ecosystem offer to your clients

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Launching 2023

We are changing the way rent is paid and reported with the ultimate on-time rent payment program for both Landlords and Renters

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