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We’re Changing the Way Stakeholders Think About Risk Management

Pensio's experience since 2004 allows us to assess risks and develop solutions to meet a broad range of needs.  Whether it is your first introduction to Pensio programs back by a performance-linked surety or you have had experience and exposure to surety markets we are ready to support your contract commercial needs with specialized expertise and innovative solutions.  Our aim is to work collaboratively and efficiently with you and our insurance markets to produce timely long term performance income solutions

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Pensio Services

Pensio's Accelerated Analytics with Guaranteed Income

Analytics Mean Everything

Pensio focused analytics is the process of discovering, interpreting, and communicating significant patterns in business, real estate and market data to allow our team to structure and model a guaranteed outcome for a specific asset or business

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Data Science Acceleration

Our analytics team spends their time analyzing data and designing and developing models to predict how an asset or business will behave based on multiple data points and data on how it has behaved in the past 

Performance-Linked Surety

Performance-linked surety bonds serve an important purpose for Pensio’s structured risk management and guarantee contract programs. In simple terms, a performance-linked surety is an agreement between three parties. Pensio as Principal, an insurance company rated A.M. Best A (excellent) or better, as Surety, and the You the asset owner, business owner, lender, or investor, the named Obligees

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Why Pensio

We Integrate with Stakeholder Ecosystems

Pensio asset risk management involves a complex set of relationships and interconnections in your business community.  Everything in an ecosystem has an important role. A healthy ecosystem has a diversity of roles supporting stakeholders, and inhabitants which ensure Pensio's predictive guaranteed income outcomes

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