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Pensio Global

We are headquartered in Canada and the United States

Pensio Global is a credit risk consulting and risk management group of specializing companies initially founded in 2004, offering risk management services with quantifiable income guarantees secured by a performance-linked surety


​Utilization of Pensio structured risk management contracts supported by a performance-linked surety effectively de-risks and stabilizes stakeholders, term-debt lenders and construction facility lenders. Pensio has underwritten projects and programs in multiple commercial categories providing underwriting and risk management solutions reaching over USD 2B in contracts


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Pensio Services

Changing the future of risk management means thinking differently

Pensio has worked with a significant number and a variety of businesses, crafting customized risk management and guarantee programs to keep a business owner’s operations, quantifiable, with absolute income certainty


Performance-linked surety bonds serve an important purpose for Pensio’s structured risk management and guarantee programs. In simple terms, a performance-linked surety is an agreement between three parties. Pensio as Principal, an insurance company rated A.M. Best A- (excellent) or better, as Surety, and you the business owner, the named Obligee, and in some cases, Co-Obligees’, the business owner’s lender or investors


Pensio risk management services contract may involve a guaranteed income performance obligation supported by a performance-linked surety. If Pensio is unable to fulfill the terms of our contractual obligations to you the business owner; the Surety will make certain the remaining and consequential obligations of the Pensio contract will be paid.


Pensio risk structure and risk management guaranteed programs are not insurance and do not cover any peril. Our risk management team can help you find a structured risk management contract solution that suits your business, your project, lender and investors

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