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Who Is Pensio?

Pensio Global is a credit risk consulting, management and rental income guarantee company speciializing in proprietary rental income risk managment programs tailored to the residential and commercial markets. Pensio Global companies are located in Canada, United States and Panama. Pensio is supported by a vast network of strategic relationships in property development, lending insurance and management technology. Pensio has three core risk management programs for residential and commericial leasing anchored by either a lease co-guarantee or management contract. Pensio companies are Particpating Members of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive insurance company domiciled in the United states reinsured by Global Reinsurers rated A.M. Best A (Excellent) or better.

What is a Rental Income Performance Bond?

Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., provides a surety (Rental Income Performance Bond) to you (Obligee) securing Pensio's performance (Principal). Rentalis is liable for claims or demands against the Principal up to the Penal Sum amount stated in the Rental Income Performance Bond provided to Pensio by a licensed insurance producer. The Rental Income Performance Bond covers the Principals rental income guarantee, malicious tenant damage reimbursement, eviction costs reimbursement only. Pensio as a Particpating Member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., self procured the Rentalis Rental Income Performance Bond. You are not liable to pay premiums to Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc. You are liable to pay the Pensio program fees when due as a condition of the Pensio and the Surety's performance.

Who is Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc.?

Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., is a Protected Cell Captive insurance company domiciled in the United States reinsured by Global Reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellent or better. As a licensed and regulated insurer, Rentalis maintains captial, surplus, reporting and structural requirements as required by any insurance company. However, Rentalis only insures the risk of its Participating Members. Pensio Global Companies are Participating Members. Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., transfers and syndicates bond risk to A.M. Best A (Excellent) or better rated reinsurance companies who specialize in commercial and contract surety. The benefits of a Rentalis Protected Cell Captive insurance company structure is risk is legally segregated and protected from any other risk. Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., issues the Surety (Rental Income Performance Bond) only through licensed insurance producers to its Participating Member (Pensio).

What is a Lease Co-Guarantee or Management Contract?

Pensio Lease Co-Guarantees are not insurance. The Pensio Lease Co-Gaurantee agreement guarantees an existing tenancy contract between a landlord and tenant and depending upon the program provides rental income guarantees, malicious tenant damage reimbursement and eviction costs reimbursement. Pensio's Management Contract offers developers, owners and asset managers a turnkey 5-year property mangement agreement providing management services, rental income guarantees regardless of whether the unit is vacant or tenanted, malicious tenant damage reimbursement and eviction cost reimbursement. Pensio's performance pursuant to the Lease Co-Guarantee and Management Contract are secured by a Surety "Rental Income Performance Bond" insured by Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc. Rental Income Performance Bonds are issued to Pensio by licensed insurance producers.

What does a Lease Co-Guarantee or Management Contract cost?

Pensio program fees charged to clients are subject to Pensio's risk assessment. Generally program fees range as follows: Lease Co-Guarantees for Landlords guaranteeing loss of rent, malicious tenant damage court order reimbursements and eviction costs reimbursements are based on 3% of gross annual rent if paid upfront or 3.5% of gross annual rent if paid monthly for 12 months. Lease Co-Guarantees for Tenants and Landlords guaranteeing rent is paid for up to 3 months if the tenant involuntarily lost employment are based on 2.5% of gross annual rent paid monthly for 12 months. Rental Income Management Contracts (pre-construction new build or acquisitions) guaranteeing rent regardless of whether the rental unit is vacant or tenanted, repairs and reimburses malicious tenant damage and pays all eviction costs is based on project specific pricing provided by the Pensio team.

Contacting Us

Pensio Global contacts are located on the contacts page of this website. If you want to schedule a zoom call go to the About Us page on this website and schedule your call with the Pensio team. or email