Pre-Construction New Build Developments

This program is geared toward developers, lenders and investors.  Eliminates 5-years of absorption and stabilization risk for multi-family residential, senior living, student housing, condominium developments, and single-family home developments


Pre-Construction Deposit Guarantees

This program is geared toward developers, lenders, investors, and buyers.  The Purchase Power Deposit guarantee Program is a low-cost alternative for buyers purchasing pre-construction new build homes.  Developers can obtain greater deposit amount protection and have increased sales velocity from buyers reluctant to tie up large deposits for several years during the construction period


Lease Co-Guarantee Residential Landlords

This program is geared toward owners and property managers, lenders and investors.  Eliminates defaulting tenant rental income, eviction cost, and malicious damage risk


Lease Co-Guarantee Involuntary Job Loss

This program is geared toward tenants and property managers.  Eliminates involuntary job loss rental payment risk for 3 months after a tenant loses their job.  Landlord is paid rent directly and tenant does not have to pay back rental payments made by Pensio


Lease Co-Guarantee Commercial Tenants

This program is geared toward owners, lenders, and investors.  Removes owner and lender defaulting tenant or vacancy risk if the investment-grade tenant does not pay rent or renews a long-term lease option