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The Pensio Global is a multi-faceted real estate and credit-risk group that is currently active in 4 countries; Canada, the US, the Bahamas, and Panama. Our core business is providing risk management programs in partnership with the stakeholders and lenders of residential rental properties, pre-construction condos, multi-family, vacation properties, and commercial properties whereby Pensio makes available guarantee rent outcomes fully supported by a Performance Bond issued by Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc., a Protected Cell Captive reinsured by global reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellent or better. Pensio is a Participating Member of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc.

The Pensio Group of Companies includes property managers, risk managers, analytical underwriters, and global real estate experts. 


Edward de Bono said that creativity involves breaking out of established patterns to look at things differently. The way residential and commercial real estate properties are financed and managed, must change, especially with what we believe to be long-lasting effects of the NEW NORM.  


COVID-19 has changed the workplace. Employers now realize that a significant number of jobs in their digital workspace can be completed in an employee's home environment. They are reducing the need for expensive and traditional commercial workspace. A collateral effect is an evolving living need of employees; there is no longer the need to live close to work. Pensio's risk team anticipates there will be increasingly significant living migration for digital working families, wanting to move to safer, more affordable locations, creating vacancy shifts in the North American residential and commercial markets—the NEW NORM.


Risk, which is currently retained by lenders, investors, developers, property portfolio managers, and mom and pop landlords, is no longer quantifiable. Pensio risk management services, NEW NORM risk modelling, secured income programs, and risk management can be tailored to a client's needs, and will undoubtedly create better opportunities for our clients with a certainty of outcomes. 


Pre-Construction New Build 5 Year Rent Guarantee

Pensio Global pre-construction new build program is currently active in 4 countries with developers lenders and investor buyers.   Our core-pre-construction business offers investor buyers a 5-year turnkey property management program with guaranteed rental income regardless of whether the rental property is vacant or tenanted in association with developers and lenders of pre-construction condos, multifamily, and vacation properties. 

This pre-construction new build guaranteed income program provides developers and lenders with a market advantage certainty that a completed unit can be sold or can earn a certain income and provides buyers with true investment value.

Lease Co-Guarantee Residential Landlords

Pensio Tenants Services Program takes the risk out of renting for owners and property managers of residential rental properties, whether you own one rental property or a multi-family dwelling our Tenant services program guarantees tenant rent is paid, evictions completed and willful or negligent tenant damage is paid.


Getting peace-of-mind and certainty from Pensio can change your 2021 investment plan and will secure your bottom line.  Pensio are Participating Members of Rentalis Insurance Company, Inc, a Protected Cell Captive reinsured by global reinsurers rated AM Best A- Excellent or better.  Pensio Tenant Services and Lease Co-Guarantee performance is underwritten by a performance bond insured by Rentalis. 

Lease Co-Guarantee Tenant Job Loss and Disability

Pensio believes good tenants need protections from unexpected job loss and unexpected disability event that will stop or minimize their employment.  Even the best of tenants cannot foresee the New Norm job future.  Pensio Tenants will co-guarantee a tenant's lease, and in the event of job loss or disability pay the rent.


Landlords or tenants can enroll tenants into the Pensio Tenants job loss and disability program for optional terms from 3 to 12 months. 

Lease Co-Guarantee Commercial Tenants

Pensio Commerical Services Lease Co-Guarantee program takes the risk out of renting for owners property managers and lenders of commercial properties.  Whether you own one rental property or a multi-unit commercial building our Pensio commercial program guarantees tenant rent is paid, evictions completed and rent is collected.  


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